Fix Camera problem Unknown Error by Error Callback. 3 simple ways to Fix Camera problem Unknown errror by error callback.


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Today in this article oi will show you how you can fix Camera problem Unknown error by error callback or Fix unknown error by error callback. this problem mainly happens in Android devices. So I will show you how you can fix unknown error by error callback, I will tell you 3 ways through which you can fix this problem, So just follow the steps Carefully, Without wasting any Second lets get started.

First Method

  • Go to the Mobile settings.
  • Then find Camera App.
  • Then click Force stop and Clear Data of the camera app.
  • After that Close all background applications and open the Camera App. and the issue was Fixed !!

2nd Method

  • Firstly switch off your mobile phone.
  • then click on power key , volume up key and volume down key (In old Samsung phone power key, volume up key and Home button). Press these keys until your phone Vibrates.

  • After Vibrating leave the buttons.
  • After that You will see like this.

  • After that with the help of Volume Keys, select the Wipe cache Partition, and press the power key.
  • After wiping, go to reboot with the help of Volume Keys and press the Power key to Restart or Reboot your Mobile phone.
  • Then open the camera app and the issue has been Fixed !!

3rd Method

There is now the last method which would be very painful to someone's, You have to Restore or Format your android device, that is the last step. Well you try the first two steps firstly if they doesn't work then You have to do the 3rd step For using your Camera.

Here is the Video Tutorial Watch it if you does not understand.

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