How To Hack Your Friends / GF Password Protected File Manager ? How to open File Manager Without knowing Password (Hidden Files, Hidden Folders)?


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So today in this article I will show you how you can Hack your friends File Manager or Access file manager without knowing the password set by him. So this is not actually the Hack this is actually the trick through which you can see his Hidden Files, Hidden Folders Without any Password. So Lets Hack the Friends File Manager or we can say Access  the File Manager Without any Password (Hidden Files, Hidden Folders). Using this Trick You can check all his Hidden images, videos, pdf, WhatsApp images, WhatsApp videos, WhatsApp texts etc. So without further any Delay Lets get Started.

All you Need is the Mobile phone of your Friend/GF and Follow the Steps Listed Below !

  • Firstly open the Chrome Browser in Mobile Phone that you want Hack or Check Hidden Files.
  • Then type this file:///sdcard (No need of Internet).
  • After typing that you will see Like this.

  • After that You can access anything hidden in the phone !!
live Demo


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