Now Google will help you find the lost phone | Find your LOST Phone with Google ?


If you want your phone to be lost somewhere then you can easily find it or want to know the status of your loved one, so your adroid phone and Google can help you in it. 

For this, you will need the Google login id and password of that adroid phone. 

The name of this new feature is Android Device Manager and with this new update your mobile phone becomes active 
here by visiting its website 

and logging in to your phone's Google id Then you have three main features in it 

: 1. Location:
You can find out where your mobile phone is currently, but to use this feature correctly it is necessary that the internet on your phone Working For more accurate information on GPS to get started even better. 

2. Ring:
This will keep your phone ringing for 5 minutes or until the power button is pressed, it will be helpful to get lost or stolen phones. 

3. Erase Device:
If you can not get your phone even after using the above mentioned features, this feature will be useful for you, so that you can reset your phone to your factory reset it whenever your phone uses the internet factory reset Command will be available which means that you can erase all the data and settings of your phone. And for this it is necessary to activate the Allow Remote Factory Reset by visiting Google Setting on your phone Yes, this does not remove data from your memory card

Now, to start this facility, it is enough to activate the above methods, in addition to many phones, and go to Security on 

Settings .

  Go to Device administrators here

Then start Android Device Manager

Apart from this, setting up a GPS in the Location Setting will also be necessary. 

Hopefully this information will be useful in a difficult time and you will not abuse it.

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