Top 10 Secret Facebook Tips And Tricks In 2020. Top 10 Hidden Features of Facebook 2020


1. Watching Facebook Videos With Friends
The Facebook Watch Party is another feature from the social media goliath that aims to bring a review of the interaction of long-distance friends.
The section basically enables clients to create a watch group circle, where everyone will see open recordings on Facebook continuously.
There are various ways to create a viewing party, the most direct from your landing page.
Just click on the "create post" area and then click on the three-color menu.
From here, click on the "Watch Party" button and follow the on-screen instructions to welcome the friends you need to watch the recording with.

2. Change your Facebook update font

The next time you submit a status update, do something cool and change your update font.
By default, Facebook gives you only one font. Good but everyone uses the same font! What fun in that!
Navigate to this Facebook font change page on the web. Once there, type your review and copy and paste one fun style you see, right on your Facebook update page. Your update could look like this!

3. Tracking The Time You Spend On Facebook
It is one of the most popular tips and tricks people use on Facebook.
In case you are worried about how much time you spend on Facebook, you will be happy to know that you can use the Facebook app to check how much time you spend on it.
Facebook shows a visual chart of your app usage during the most recent week next to your normal usage time.
It helps perfectly, and in case you need to use it, here's a way to track how much time you spend on Facebook.

4. Integrating Your Facebook Use
If you happen to use the last trap to make sense of the time you spend on Facebook and you are surprised to see the highest value there, well, sit down and relax in the light of the fact that you can try and press your Facebook usage again.
There is a package of ways to really do that.
When you see the time you spend on Facebook, there is an option to set an update after which the app will teach you to invest enough energy in Facebook.
That can be helpful, however, can be minimized appropriately.

5.Stump your friends with "Nothing" comments!

The next time one of your favorite Facebook friends sends a status update, you can log in to their post and leave a comment blank. They will stumble.
They will certainly ask you what you intend to type after seeing your blank comment, as below.
To leave a comment blank, hold down the Alt key on your keyboard and type “0173”. After that, release all the buttons and press enter. You just left a blank comment!

6. Download Facebook Information.
If you have used Facebook for various years now, your record should include your major details such as photos, recordings, posts, messages, data and that is the only description of the snow.
Also, the advantage of Facebook gives you the opportunity to download most of your profile information.
To do so, simply look up the Facebook settings and on the "General" tab, you should see an option in the "Download a copy of your Facebook data" tab.
Now tap on "Start My Archive", after which Facebook will invite you to enter your password again, as a security precaution.
Facebook will then compile all your information and email you when the download is ready.

7. Non-Send Messages to Facebook Messenger
Like WhatsApp, this is one of the best Facebook strategies for not sending a message by mistake.
After a while, Facebook finally introduced another feature that enables you to send a message to Facebook Messenger.
Note that Messages may not be sent within 10 minutes of sending.
This is a security precaution that ensures no one can change his or her identity history.
The non-messaging process is completely basic.
Just tap and paste in the message you sent and then tap the "Delete" option. In the meantime, you'll find alternatives to "Remove everyone" or "Delete yourself".
Select the previous option to disable your message. It's really cool, isn't it? I love this feature.

8. Choose Who You See Online in Chat?

By default, when you are online and in a chat, your name will have a green circle next to it, indicating that you are online and ready to chat remotely.
While you may be in the mood to chat with certain people on your FB friends list, the start of a conversation from some friends or acquaintances can be a big problem. Once again, such as how to share preferences with your status updates with specific people, you can choose to be shown as online only in chat with specific people.
Click on the small settings gear icon in the top right corner of the small chat window you see at the bottom of Facebook.

Once there, enter the people you want to appear to chat with or leave people you don't want to see online. After that, save the new settings and enjoy Facebook chat with only the people you want to chat with!

9. Texting on Facebook
Have you ever thought that you could send an SMS from your Facebook account, like your smartphone?
Yes, you can do it from Facebook!
No national arrests. You can send SMS to any nation.
Send a message for a moment and take a few moments to accomplish the goal. This can be thought of with a great facebook app.
To do so, sign in to your Facebook account.
Go to this Facebook Chat app.
Choose your nation. At that point in the next line enter the mobile number where you need to send the SMS. Then enter the message you need to convey.
  • You can just send 4 SMS each day.
  • You can send SMS up to 100 characters long.
  • Do not do illegal things with this administration as it will initially show your name at the beginning of the message.

10. Publishing Empty Status
Sign in to your Facebook account. Then click on refresh mode and enter the following code, then press Enter.

@ [2: 2:]

Here are some amazing Facebook tips and tricks you should try on Facebook today. While these features may not be widely used, they still require a unique search, do they?

Do you want to mention anything I missed in this post? Let me know in the comments.

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