Twitter introduces ‘read before you retweet' very Soon. The 'Read Before Retweet Tab' feature in Twitter for Android Phones Coming Soon

 After a small survey of a group of users, Twitter found that people open articles 40 percent more often after seeing information.

New Delhi: To help promote informative conversations and reduce the spread of untrue, harmful content, Twitter will soon be introducing new information on Android so that users can open and read the article first before retweeting.

After a small survey of a group of users, Twitter found that people open articles 40 percent more often after seeing information.

"People who open articles before RTing increase by 33%," 
The company tweeted Thursday.
Some people did not stop with RTing after opening the article, which was good on Twitter as "some Tweets are better left before it's too late". In June, Twitter introduced a testing feature on Android to promote "informative chat" on the platform. If a user decides to rewrite the text without opening the link and reading it, Twitter will motivate them to read it first before sharing.

According to published statistics, upon seeing this, people have opened the article 40% more than usual, and in some cases, people have chosen not to rewrite the article after opening it.

This feature will help Twitter intensify its fight against false information as we approach the U.S. presidential election 2020. There was also an outbreak of non-existent news during the coronavirus epidemic, a company that hopes to slow down the program. It is believed that if people take the time to read the article, it would prevent the false claims from spreading as widely as possible.

Twitter will soon be releasing this feature to users around the world with the aim of promoting "more informed tweeting." Additionally, when users rewrite a link they did not open in the app, we will be accompanied by a message stating that "headlines don't tell the whole story."

"To help encourage informative conversations, we're checking for new information on Android - if you're rewriting an article you haven't opened on Twitter, we'd like you to open it first."

Kayvon Beykpour, Product Lead on Twitter, said it was easy for links / articles to appear on Twitter.

This can be powerful but sometimes dangerous, especially if people have not read the content they are distributing. This feature (on Android for now) encourages people to read the linked article before replacing it, ”he said.

"Working to bring these proposals to everyone soon around the world," Twitter said.

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