Hack anything with Pendrive? Pendrive HID Hacking


Windows allows the Storage of passwords, such as modern browsers. While this feature is user-friendly, it has positioned itself as a major security risk between organizations.

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We know that browsers store multiple passwords on a daily basis, such as MSN messenger, Yahoo, Facebook passwords, etc. Many people have no time and ask their browsers to store their passwords.

As we know, there are many tools available for recovering stored passwords, so in this article I will explain how you can steal USB password and steal stored passwords.

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To illustrate, we will collect other password Stealing tools, tools that are free of charge online and able to steal passwords stored in browsers or other windows files.

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After that, we create a batch Program that will Execute these Combined programs and store shared usernames and passwords in a text file.

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To further enhance the visibility of the login test, we will also enable this batch file to use as an auto-run USB stick, effectively stealing passwords as we log in.

Download tools from here: Download Here

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