How to Copy or Clone any Website & Make his own ?


Recently, I showed you a hack where you can direct traffic to one site, such as bankofamerica.com, on your fake website. Of course, in order to really do this job, you will need to create a site image that you have been cheating on, or better yet, you can simply make a copy of the original site and host it on your server!

HTTrack is just a tool to do that.

HTTrack takes over any website and makes a copy on your hard drive. This can be useful for searching data on an offline website such as email addresses, useful information for social engineering, hidden password files (believe me, I found a few), intellectual property, or perhaps duplicating the Evil Twin site login page to take login details .

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Unfortunately, HTTrack is not installed in Kali, so we will need to download it and install it. Fortunately, however, it is installed in the Kali storage area, so all we have to do is open the software folder and download it and install it.

HTTrack comes with both Windows and Linux version. For those of you who refuse to remove the training wheels, you can download and install Windows HTTrack from its website.

Step 1: Download & Install HTTrack

From Kali, we need to navigate to "System Tools" and "Add/ Remove Software," as in the screenshot below.

That will open a screen like the one below. Note the window in the upper left corner of the "Find" button. Install "httrack" there and it will find the packages you need to install HTTrack.

You can re-install it by typing the following in the forum.

kali> apt-get install httrack

Step 2: Use HTTrack

Now that we have installed HTTrack, let's start by looking at the HTTrack help file. When you download and install HTTrack, place it in the /usr/bin directory, so it should be available in any directory in Kali as /usr/bin in PATH variables. Let's type:

kali> httrack --help

I showed the key syntax line in the screenshot above. The basic syntax is as follows, where -O stands for "output." This machine tells HTTrack where to send the website.

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kali> httrack <the URL of the site> [any options] URL Filter -O <location to send copy to>

Use HTTrack is easy. We only need to point it to the website we want to copy and direct the output (-O) to the index on our hard drive when we want to save the website. One caution here, though. Some sites are GREAT. If you have tried to copy Facebook to your hard drive, I can assure you that you do not have enough drive space, so start small.

Step 3: Test HTTrack

In a previous tutorial for hacking MySQL data behind websites (MySQL is the most widely used database behind the web), we used a website that we can hack without penalty called webcantest.com. Let's try to make a copy of that site on our hard drive.

kali> httrack http://www.webscantest.com -O /tmp/webscantest

As you can see, we have successfully duplicated all the pages of this site on our hard drive.

Step 4: Check a copy of the site

Now that we've photographed and copied the entire site on our hard drive, let's take a look.

We can open the IceWeasel browser (or another browser) and view the content of our copied site on our hard drive. Since we downloaded this website from /tmp/webscantest, we simply pointed our browser there and can view all the content of the website! When we point to /tmp/webscantest/www.webscantest.com/login.html, we see that we have an exact copy of the sign-in page!

Hmmm ... what can we use for that ???

Step 5: Copy Our Favorite Website

Now, let’s try HTTrack on our favorite website, wonderhowto.com. Let’s try to make a copy of the forum post I wrote last week about hacking CryptoLocker. First, let's open that page here and copy the address to Kali after the HTTrack command and then where you want to send the copy.

kali> httrack https://example.com/admin/test/ -O /tmp/crytoloc

You can post the copied website anywhere, but I have sent mine to /tmp/crytoloc. When we do, HTTrack will log in to Website, hold that web page, and store a copy directly on your hard drive. Note also tells us that it is 208 bytes.

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If you are trying to get information about a particular social engineering company or are trying to disrupt a website or login, HTTrack is an excellent tool for both functions.

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