How to Send Ultra Secure E-mail to anyone 2020 ?


Although my favorite TV show, Mr. Robot, which had just finished its first season, had not yet finished showing the hacks Elliot used in the game. (By the way, I can't wait for season 2!)

In several episodes, Elliot has been seen sending secure emails. As an experienced and experienced host, they will never use Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo to send private messages. Instead, Elliot opted for the safest email program available to non-military and non-spy people like you and me: ProtonMail.

In a country where Google and the NSA check all emails, a truly secure email service can be a godsend. Many email programs have made it secure, but in the end we learned that they had errors or that their servers could be compromised and tested or otherwise compromised.

About ProtonMail

ProtonMail was developed in 2013, at least in part because of the revelations Edward Edwardden provided about the NSA's global monitoring program (WWS). It was built by researchers from CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. If you are unfamiliar with CERN, it is the world's largest research center under a multi-stakeholder basis that thanks to the development of the World Wide Web, among other things.

Stability in Switzerland offers ProtonMail several benefits.

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First, the EU has very strict privacy standards than the U.S., and although Switzerland is not a member of the EU, Europe has far more respect for individual privacy than is done in the U.S.

Second, Switzerland is likely to have very strict privacy standards throughout Europe. For a long time of neutrality and confidential bank accounts, Switzerland has enacted complex laws to protect people's privacy. In addition, Switzerland is outside the U.S. jurisdiction. This makes it the perfect visible location for a private email server.

ProtonMail is designed to give email users anonymity completely. To achieve this anonymity, it provides the following.

  • End-encryption (emails have been encrypted in your browser).
  • You do not need a phone number or other email to open an account (that account can be used to track your identity).
  • You can set your email to expire after several days - even hours.
  • It does not store logs.
  • Even ProtonMail administrators cannot read your email.
  • It is located in a neutral nation known for respect for privacy.

ProtonMail has become very popular because of these unique security features. Currently, there are more than 250,000 users worldwide and they are growing rapidly. Due to this rapid growth, you may have to wait a while to get an account. You need to first request an account and, when they are able, they will email you and tell you if you are eligible to open an account. Currently, this takes 2-3 weeks, but is different.

Originally sponsored by crowdourcing, ProtonMail recently received business expansion funding. We can only hope that this will help them to adapt to the needs of their important ministry.

Step 1: Apply for a ProtonMail Account

The first step, of course, is to request an account. Go to protonmail.ch and submit an account request.

Step 2: Create an Account

When you receive an email informing you that you can now open an account, click on the link they sent you. This will take you to the "Create Your Account" screen, as below.

It looks like any other webmail account form, except for one: it requires two passwords. One is logging into your account and the other is encrypting your email. For maximum security, make sure the two are different.

Step 3: Sign in

Once you have created an account, you can sign in like any other webmail account.

Now that you have successfully logged in with your username and password, ProtonMail will notify you of your second password used to encrypt your email.

When you install it, it starts working on clearing your email encryption as shown below.

When all your email is encrypted, it will open a standard email interface.

Step 4: Security Settings

When you click "Settings" in the top bar and "Security," it takes you to the screen below. Note that you can submit your PublicKey for use in PGP compliant services. Currently, it is only compatible with OpenPGP. Also note at the bottom of the screen "Verification Logs." By default, "Disabled" and I recommend you keep them at a high level of security.

Step 5: Email expiration

One of my favorite ProtonMail features is the email expiration feature. When composing an email, you can choose how long it will stay on the server before it "expires."

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To do so, simply click on the "clock" icon below the compose email window and it will open a slide where you can choose how long the email will last. In this case, I have set a deadline for 13 hours. After you hit "Set," the clock will start to slow down, and when the time is up, the email will expire and will no longer be available to anyone.

Keep coming back, my new Hackers, as we continue to explore the strategies and technologies of the world’s most important hacking skills!

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