How to Hack Contacts, SMS, Call Logs, Location & More ? Hack Mobile Phone


In the third episode, Tyrell Wellick, better known as the CTO wannabe, appears to be in love with one of his co-workers. When her boyfriend is taking a shower, he grabs her phone and installs tracking software on her phone to check on her. At the moment we don't know why he installed the software, but I'm sure we'll find out soon.

Tyrell, who owns a mobile phone, appears to be downloading and installing software on the phone for some malicious purpose (this is Tyrell, after all - he has nothing but uncontrollable, ambitious, and evil intentions).

Here is Tyrell downloading and installing this tracking app on his / her lover's / work phone. If we want to do the same, we just need to have a mobile phone in our hands for 2-3 minutes.

In this tutorial, we will look at software that can be installed to track and steal data on a smartphone, either for legal or malicious purposes.

Some of the tracking apps

There are many apps available for tracking / checking in both iOS and Android platforms. Perhaps the best, and one that Tyrell seems to use in this area, is the FlexiSPY. Available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, or Symbian. Some of its features are listed below from their website.

Premium FlexiSPY with all the features listed above costs $ 349 per year. But there are other iPhone and Android test packages available from other companies. These include:

And many, many others

Most of these apps will not be in your app store as they are considered malicious, but some will be. Some restricted apps are available in your app store that will track, for example, GPS location, something an employer may want to track employees or a parent may want to track their child's movements or find a lost cell phone. These are all considered legitimate and legitimate applications of this technology. In the Google Play Store, these include:

These apps primarily track phone availability and cannot do many of the things that paid apps do, such as read SMS and email messages, listen to chats, check WhatsApp and other chat messengers, control phone, etc.

Using a Smartphone Spying app

Before we move on, I want you to keep a few things in mind.

  1. You MUST have physical access to the phone / mobile phone (the device you want to track). You must be able to download mobile software onto the device you want to track, and you do not need to download anything on your phone or computer. I found that it takes about 2-3 minutes to install and operate.
  2. You must have internet access. These software applications transfer information within the phone / tablet to a central server where you can access it. You must have Internet access from another phone to access phone information.
  3. Probably not, but make sure the spy software is compatible with the phone app.
  4. Note that it is illegal in many places to install tracking software on a device that does not belong to you.

With all that said, now let’s install a smartphone spying software to test its capabilities.


Let's try one of these Android apps, TheTruthSpy. It has a free 48-hour trial, so we can use it a few days before you decide to buy it. Let's download it, install it, and try it.

Step 1: Look at Its Features

This software seems to have all the features we would like to test on a person's phone as Tyrell did for Mr. Robot.

These features include:

  • GPS tracking
  • Read email
  • Record calls
  • Read WhatsApp and other messages
  • Track internet browsing
  • Look at the pictures
  • Send commands to the phone
  • And a few others

Step 2 : Install TheTruthSpy

Before we can install any spy software on a mobile device, we need to change the security settings. By default, Android and iOS are designed only to allow installation of apps from their official store / storage. We need to change that.

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For Android, go to your "Security" settings (in the default Settings app), and enable the app installation from "Unknown Sources."

Next, download the trial version from android.thetruthspy.com, then tap on the "Full Download" notification (or find the file in your "Download" app to use the installer file.

At this point, you will need to click on all the information and alerts to continue installing the app.

Finally, once installed, open it, because you'll need to link it to your account or open an account here with your email address.

After 2-3 minutes with the phone, the testing software is installed and ready to go! To make sure this person doesn't see anything wrong with their smartphone, be sure to disable "Unknown Sources" if it hasn't been checked before, delete the .apk file in the Download app, and hide the TheTruthSpy icon, which can be done after logging in to the app.

Step 3: Log in to Control Panel

Now that we have TheTruthSpy installed, we can now access the phone information from the cloud. The spy software we installed on the phone transmits all the information on the phone to the server. After that we can access that server with an account at my.thetruthspy.com as shown below.

Once we have signed in with our details, we are greeted with a dashboard like the one below. As this testing software, some capabilities are not available, but even if this testing software comes with the ability to track the phone via GPS, it gives you all SMS history, call history, Twitter history, and finally, Auto Answer.

Here you can see the call history screen. It counts each call, who it is from or to (I have deleted words to protect the innocent), date, and duration of call.

Here you can see the text chat I had with my friend Sam a few days ago. All user text messages are available here.

It also enables you to track the location of the phone (and possibly the user) wherever it goes.

Auto Answer

One of the new features in TheTruthSpy is the Auto Answer feature. This feature enables us to make calls and will respond automatically. This way, we can listen to any conversations that take place within the phone message.

There are many other features available here with this app, but we have to pay to enable them.

As you can imagine, this type of software has countless programs in cyber espionage, cyber warfare, criminal investigation, forensics, and many other useful tools.

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Once again, our favorite TV show really shows hacking. I'll keep showing you how to make Mr. Robot hacks, so keep coming back, my green criminals!😀

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