Use WhatsApp Without A Mobile Number? Fake WhatsApp number


Do you want to get the wrong number of WhatsApp confirmation online and enjoy WhatsApp with free WhatsApp number without the risk of blocking your number? After that you come to the right place.

I give you a US mobile number, a free WhatsApp number for the rest of your life.

WhatsApp Verification Fraud Number

As you know everyone wants to use WhatsApp number on his phone and communicate with all his friends and relatives. But for some reason the WhatsApp company is blocking the number of their customers thinking it is doing some illegal work.

For this reason, he was unable to use WhatsApp on his mobile phone, and when renting, he had to buy a new sim or use his friend, family, or WhatsApp home number. But don't worry I found another solution for it with the wrong WhatsApp verification number.

Now you can use WhatsApp on your mobile with free WhatsApp number online confirmation. You can use this visible number on your WhatsApp phone and you can give this number to your relatives as a WhatsApp number.

This is free forever.

Other Free WhatsApp Number Ways

I give you some ways to use a free WhatsApp number. Some options are here.

  • Fake Number for WhatsApp Verification
  • Using GB WhatsApp
  • You are using the TextNow App
  • You are using an online Text Message service

WhatsApp Fake Number

This way, you can use other websites I give you to find the wrong number for your WhatsApp verification and use this number to share with your friends.

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Click This

These are some of the websites where you can sign up for WhatsApp for free and secure it for life.

  • First, go over these websites and click on any number you like that you want to use for the rest of your life.
  • Then go to mobile and install the new WhatsApp from google play or clean previous WhatsApp data from the setting if available.
  • Then enter the wrong number on WhatsApp to be verified
  • A text message arrives at this number on the website add this number to your WhatsApp app and that.
  • You got a free WhatsApp number.

Using GB WhatsApp

This is a very simple and easy way to use a fake WhatsApp number. This way, you have to add GB WhatsApp, PRO WhatsApp, YO WhatsApp, or another WhatsApp to your phone and register it with this above free online WhatsApp verification.

Just download GB WhatsApp on your mobile and register it with a free WhatsApp number and enjoy both WhatsApp.

One has your real number and the other has your fake number for other purposes.

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You are using the TextNow App

Another way to get a fake mobile number is to use the "TextNow" app.

  • First download and install the TextNow App from here.
  • Then open this app on your mobile phone and create your account using email and passwords.
  • You will get a US free WhatsApp number.
  • Enter the location code of any US city.
  • Enter area code such as 620, 501, 320 and more.
  • You will find a list of US WhatsApp numbers. Choose one of them by choice.
  • Open the new WhatsApp app and enter this US number in your WhatsApp verification bar.
  • You will receive an OTP code in your TextNow Verification application.
  • Copy this OTP and Enter it on your WhatsApp App

You have found free WhatsApp with fake mobile numbers.

Enjoy life for the rest of your life.

Using an online messaging service

Another way to get a free WhatsApp number is to use an online messaging service.

  • Just search for "Free SMS online" and you will find a list of websites that offer free SMS service to their users.
  • Just open any website on your PC or Mobile.
  • And copy the number to which you send messages to their customers.
  • Enter this number in your WhatsApp mobile app and wait for the OTP number
  • You will receive an OTP number on this website for free.
  • Type this OTP number into your WhatsApp number and enjoy a free WhatsApp number with fake WhatsApp authentication for free.


After reading this article we can say that WhatsApp verification using a virtual number is possible and you can use a toll free number for any purpose without the risk of blocking your number and without buying a new sim.

Thank you so much for reading this article.

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