FMWhatsApp APK 8.60 Download Latest (Official) [Anti-Ban] Updated

FMWhatsApp APK 8.65 Download Latest (Official) [Anti-Ban] Updated


Updated: Date: 11-December-2020

• Fixed: Random crashes when messaging groups
• Fixed: sending messages in groups take long time
• Fixed: Blue Tick on Reply crashes
• Fixed: Swipe Row crash
• Added: Reset Preferences now also resets default wallpaper
• Fixed crash using Status Splitter on some phones (not all)
• Other fixes and improvements

FMWhatsApp APK is one of the best mod for the WhatsApp developed by the FouadMods Team.
Basically, FouadMods team develops this app with the help of YoWhatsapp. Mostly all features are the same as the YoWhatsapp but the thing is; there are some features which are exclusively available in this App too.

That’s is why people are choosing the FMWA app over tons of other modified apps.

Still, folks who are desperately looking for the download link of the Official FMWhatsApp APK. This is the right page to fulfil your requirements.

One of the insane things is; FouadMods team also develops fouad GBWhatsapp by taking sources from the official GBWA. It is completely based on GbWa but comes with some modifications.

FMWhatsApp APK comes with two variants one is Emoji changer, and another one doesn’t have this option to change emojis. Only default emojis are available on that.

No emoji version is suitable for who don’t bother about emoji thing, and it is a lite version of FMWA APK.

What is FMWhatsApp APK?

It is basically a WhatsApp mod which allows you to do more things than a Playstore . Everybody knows this thing. Actually, I am considering people who searched and comes to this page for downloading FMWhatsapp APK.
It can be used as the Secondary account along with the Fouad Whatsapp  because it comes with the package name (com.fmwhatsapp). So, it is easy for them who needs the same features app in both the accounts.

Even it overcomes the drawback of the Fouad Whatsapp, that is; it can support almost all Android devices. In the Fouad WA case, it does not support Samsung S5-6-7, Note4-5-7.

So, users of that Samsung series likely to stick with this FMWhatsApp. Thanks to the developer for giving us an amazing android app.

Fouad Mokdad develops this FMWhatsapp by taking sources from the YoWA and Founded the Fouad Mods. Now, it is the time to donate some bucks to the developer if you really love his app.

Version Info


FM WhatsApp




Fouad Mokdad





40 MB

Last Updated

October 21, 2020


Download FM WhatsApp APK Latest Version 8.51 (Anti-Ban)

Definitely, you would choose this Awesome app, because of the latest version of FMWhatsApp APK features are quite impressive, and the best thing is; getting updates according to the latest official WA.

Below is the latest download link of FM WhatsApp Officially by Fouad Mokdad. Choose Emoji variant or Without Emoji variant as per your need.


Do you Want to know what the benefits you are getting from this app are?


Below we have given some important features that you will help you to use WhatsApp like a Pro.

Of course, many people might know these features before, if they are migrating from YoWhatsapp. Simply you can assume that this is Duplicate of YoWa APK with some additional tweaks.


One of the crucial thing in many aspects is updating. Isn’t it? Yes, updates are mandatory in the
perspectives of Security and news features according to the user’s demand.

Fouad Mokdad is doing an amazing job in this thing. He updates the FM Whatsapp according to the Ocial
Version. That gives us some different feeling I mean using the latest version is a somewhat different
experience than older.

However, you can easily nd the new update by going through the settings.

Menu >> Fouad Settings >> Updates >> Web Download

YO Themes

YoThemes is one of the major features that everyone should love. Unlike Gbwhatsapp, it didn’t need a
separate app for themes. That means you are not needed to download another app forcefully.

YoWa developer included this feature inside the app. So, it is the way easy to access all the themes
available for this app in one go. Easy-peasy right?

Many developers are working on making new themes. So, no need to bother with getting a new look every
time. Meanwhile, you can sideload the themes from other sources.

Menu >> Fouad Settings >> YoThemes >> Download


Privacy plays a major role in many android apps. You will get a basic privacy option when you download
Official one, but here you can get Advanced Privacy options which are currently being loved by users.

There are some exclusive Privacy options included in this FMWhatsapp. So, you can read all the features
from below.

  • Freeze Last Seen – this can help you to use WhatsApp anonymously because everyone sees your last seen not the present one.
  • Anti Delete Messages – The sender can not delete the messages
  • Hide View Status – FMWhatsapp hides your view of others status.
  • Who can call me? – Yes, you heard it right. this could help you to choose the categories like
  • Everyone
  • My Contacts
  • My Contacts except for Person (can select many contacts which you want to receive calls from
  • them)
  • Select contacts
  • Nobody – Personally liked this one 😎

Here are Some Basic Privacy Options that most of the Whatsapp Mods are providing currently.

  • Show Blue Ticks after your reply.
  • Hide Blue Ticks
  • Hide Recording
Above options can be set to the separate categories like Contacts, Groups and Broadcasts.

Menu >> Fouad Settings >> Privacy >> Choose

Emoji Varients

Companies like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Apple and Google are providing different emoji variants.
People may stick to one of them according to their taste. Here, FMWhatsApp APK comes with the Emoji

So, you can be easily able to select the option which do you prefer most.
  • Stock
  • Facebook
  • Emoji one v3
  • Android O
  • Old Stock Emoji Design
Menu >> Fouad Settings >> Universal >> Mods >> Emoji Variant.

Download FM WhatsApp V8.65 (Updated)

Download FM WhatsApp V8.65 Mirror (Updated)

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