Free Fire Hack Menu APK 1.54.1 Download (100% Working) Aim Bot, Auto Head Shot

The free Fire Mod Menu APK has many features including Auto HeadShot, Ghost mode, No Recoil, Auto Aim, Auto Lock, Speed ​​Run, fast car and more. Use our modified app to win the game easily.

How can you conquer every opportunity if you are not thrown into an island full of filth where the only way to survive and to conquer weapons is to destroy everyone around you. Royal Martial Arts gives you a visual simulation of such a situation by placing your character fighting hundreds of others to survive in the end on the battlefield. Games like PUBG, Free Fire and COD Mobile are just a few of the royal war games available that give users the opportunity to play a fun and blood-thirsty game on their smartphones.

Free Fire, however, tends to take its gameplay to the next level by incorporating standard settings and royal arsenal of weapons and subsequent device weapons for an exciting user experience. As you progress within the game the challenge becomes more and more difficult and as a result, one can use various MODs to turn their game skills and characters into invincible killing machines. An example of such a mode would be the Free Fire MOD APK APK.

What is Free Fire Menu Mod APK?

Free Fire Menu APK is just an approved version of the Garena Free Fire game. The most popular mod game application for FF players as it allows them to inject various features such as auto-aim, increased speed, teleportation, among others, making it easier for them to progress in battle and level. On the battlefield, the characters of the players are transformed into demi gods by making various mods provided in the form of a menu tab that can be easily accessed during play or in the arena.

One will only need to touch the overlay icon on the right side of the screen showing the mod owner and a tab will open showing all available mode features that can be used in the game. The results are immediately visible as one will simply need to select a preference and press a button to open it. You don't even need a VPN.

play in case you are worried about being found and your account is blocked for life. The mod menu app comes with anti-blocking features that allow you to play around with various models freely without detection.

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Free Fire Mod Menu







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November 18, 2020


Download the Free Fire Menu Mod APK the latest version for Android

The Free Fire Mod Menu app has been much needed since it was released and made in its various variants, some with missing features or incomplete builds that could disrupt your game. There are many download links scattered across the internet and some of them contain malicious malware that can damage your phone software.

Therefore, you need to find a download link that is safe and secure and has all the open mode features. Google Play Store policy is strong and opposes mods; that's why you can't expect to find an app there.
Use the download link provided below to get your latest version of FF Menu Mod APK today.

Download APK (92MB)

Download OBB (500MB)


  • Ghost mode
This is one of my favorite mode features of the app. It transforms my character into the ultimate monster by making them invisible, literally. My enemies do not see me but I see them clearly, I let a few pass by me as I plan my attack on the elect. When the safe area closes quickly and the remaining players are still quite a number, Ghost mode allows you to eliminate everyone and anyone without being found to give you that BOOYAH!

  • Auto HeadShot

How many headshot Kills do you think you can get under pressure? Well with this free car menu, I was able to uncover the beheading in the enemy arena for all my enemies which made me survive in the end. The more headshots you get the more points you get and the more you turn into a beast within the game.

  • No Recoil
I can testify to the cooling problem that spreads my gun leading to bullet damage. You may find yourself having to reload your weapon yet you have not killed your target and if your enemy better controls the discovery of their gun, you may be killed instantly even if you have a more advanced weapon.

  • Auto Aim
This mode automatically moves your size to your target allowing you to shoot at will. When there are more than one objective, the mode moves your size systematically from you from one enemy to another.

  • Aim Lock
You will need to enable this mode to work with auto-aim because the key to the target until it is removed or killed and using Auto Aim only, your goal can be automatically moved to another opponent before the first execution. Set the key lock on one enemy until they are finished.

  • Speed Run
Free Fire Mod Menu Doubles your run speed into a safe area immediately or escape from areas under heavy fire and put you at risk of immediate death.

  • Night mode
Enable this to change day to night game.

  • Increase Car Speed
Increase the speed of any car and quickly hit your opponent. However, do not expect to surprise your enemies because car engines make noise.

  • No Trees, Grass or Fog
Nothing will stop you from pointing your enemies at this mode because once they start working, trees, grass and fog are removed at your end exposing everyone around you.

  • Fast reload and fire
Increase your reload and fire speed which works with greater damage faster than before.

  • ESP

There are a variety of ESP options for viewing players through walls and plains using their names, guns, details, and tangible objects or lines.

Final Words

While using the Free Fire Mod Menu APK increases your abilities and gets you to higher ranks faster, it doesn’t improve your playing skills as much as practicing with it does. To be a pro player, you would need sportsmanship and practice but if you’re already there and looking for a new and exciting experience download the app today and get a taste of invincibility at its best. Nothing can stop you with the Free Fire Menu Mod App.

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