HID Keyboard Attack with Android (Not Kali NetHunter)

Hello, Today I will show you how to do HID keyboard attacks on Android BUT without using Kali NetHunter BUT you will need to install a custom kernel on your Android device, which will add keyboard + mouse functions to the USB port, So Get Started

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Step 1: Prerequisites

You need the following:

1.Android root

2.Custom Recovery (twrp or clock)

3: ADB files

If You Already Have Both then go to https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=remote.hid.keyboard.client and look at your device's Kernel and flash the zip file from Recovery

Step 2: Downloading Files

Go here and download the files

Push the files with ADB in The Device

with the command: 

adb push DroidDucky-master data/local/tmp

Step 3: Getting Payload

Go here and get your favorite Payload (SD card installation does not work

Copy-Paste script in your favorite TextEditor (I prefer Notepad ++)

Convert EOL to UNIX (Notepad ++: Edit> EOL Conversion> UNIX / OSX Format)

Save (file type does not make a difference) and then push the file on Device with the command 

adb push filename.txt /data/local/tmp

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Step 4: Launch Payload

Download Terminal App Of Your Choice (I love juiceSSH)

Connect Device to PC

And run the Terminal Application

get Superuser permissions with su

navigate to root directory with cd

go to the directory where the cd data/local/tmp  is stored

use the command bash droidducky.sh filename.txt to launch an attack

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