How to delete mobile phone data in case of theft or lost

Hello friends, if a mobile phone is stolen or lost, we can erase all its data remotely. If you don't know, today I will tell you how to delete your mobile phone data if Stolen or Lost.

Mobile (android) phone can also be called mini computer, log your personal details, files, photos, documents, videos etc. saved in your smart phone And use it when needed. In this case, if your phone is stolen, you are most concerned about your mobile data.

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And in this case, someone can misuse the personal data of your smartphone. Don't worry Google has this solution available. With remote access you can erase all the data from your lost mobile. Follow the steps below to remove your phone's personal data.

How to delete mobile phone data in case of theft or lost

  • Step 1 

First go to the Google Device Manager . As soon as you click on this link, your phone will be tracked in no time.

If You have MI Phone the go to i.mi.com (Google Device manager Works for MI Phones also)

Check the model number of your Android phone.
Click on Erase Button.

  • Step 2

Now a popup window will open, just click on Erase button.

Clicking on Erase button will launch your Android mobile phone in factory reset mode. And all your phone data (apps, photos, videos, music, etc.) will be deleted through remote access. This process will not happen when the switch is off, but as soon as your phone is switched on, all the data of your phone will be deleted.

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You will understand how to delete all data from your Android phone if it is stolen or lost. We hope you find this information useful, and if you have any questions, feel free to comment. And if you like this post, be sure to share it on this social networking site.

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