How to find spyware apps on android smartphone

How to find spyware apps on android smart phone in today's post. If you are an Android mobile phone user then your smart phone already has some pre-inbuilt apps and some applications that you install later.

It may be that an app is spying on your phone and sharing your personal data with someone else. Because when installing a mobile app, these apps ask you some permissions through which these apps can track your personal data.

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Most apps are trusted but there are some applications that you can unknowingly give permission to leak your data. So follow these steps to check which spyware apps are spying on your phone.

How to find spyware apps on android smartphone

1) First of all, open Google PlayStore and install Anti-Spy Mobile Free App.

2) After installing, as you open the app, you will have a popup open in front of you, so you have to press it Ok.

3) Now all the apps of your phone will start scanning and when the scanning is complete, you will see a scan result in a popup, i.e. warning show, then press OK.

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4) After that you will see any spyware applications on your phone. And if you don't have spyware apps, you will be able to uninstall other apps that you can spy on, which you have given permissions to, in addition to the trusted apps.

5) The anti spy mobile free app has 4 options on the home screen which will show dangerous spyware apps in the Spywares options, suspicious apps in the Warnings option and show other apps in all applications that will be fully trusted.

6) Here you can scan all the applications of your Android smart phone by clicking on the Scan now button at the bottom side, you will also install some new apps.

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I hope you now understand how to find spyware apps on android smart phone. If you find this information helpful, share it with your friends.

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