How to Protect yourself from WhatsApp Hacking 2021

As you know, nowadays, with the help of third party application in the phone, any user can easily hack anyone's phone, in such a way there is nothing safe in the Android phone, so do you know WhatsApp hack is possible that any user can easily access your WhatsApp in their phone or computer, for this, the user should have your phone for just two to three minutes and any user can easily access your WhatsApp. Your WhatsApp will be hacked easily and you can not track his address and will not be known who actually hacked your WhatsApp.

So in this post, you must be thinking that how can you save your WhatsApp from being hacked, in this post, we will tell you about two step verification. With the help of which you can easily Protect your WhatsApp from being hacked.

Two Step Verification is a security layer with the help of which you can provide security to your WhatsApp so that you can protect your WhatsApp from unauthorized access, this feature is new in WhatsApp and to activate this feature is very easy, let's now learn how you can prevent your WhatsApp Hacking by enabling two step verification in your WhatsApp.

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How to avoid having WhatsApp Hacking

➤1) First of all, you have to open your WhatsApp and then click on the three dot and go to the settings of the WhatsApp.

➤2) As you click on Settings, the first option "Account" will be visible to you, click on it.

➤3) As soon as you click on the account then you have to click on Two Step Verification.

➤4) As soon as you click on Two Step Verification, you will see the option of Enable in green color, click on it.

➤5) As soon as you click on enable, you will be asked to enter the 6 digit password, then you have to enter the password in it and then click on Next and then enter the password again to confirm it.

Keep in mind: Here you have to enter the password that you remember and no one knows, why? if you later use WhatsApp in another device, then you cannot use WhatsApp without This password and if you forget the password You can not access to the WhatsApp, so keep in mind the password you remember, if any user Wants to Hack your WhatsApp, then without this password he will not be able to use your WhatsApp account.

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➤6) Now you have to enter your email id here, once you have entered the email id, it will ask you to enter the email id again, then you have to enter the email id again and click on save. With the Help of this Email id you can later Reset the Password if forgotten and then click on Done in the last.

So in this way, you can save your WhatsApp Hack account from being hacked by enabling two-step verification in your WhatsApp app. Now whenever a user try's to hack your WhatsApp, that user can not access you WhatsApp without your two-step verification password. Your WhatsApp will not be able to access Without your Password. So in this Way you can Protect you WhatsApp from being hacked from anyone.

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I hope you have  understood how to Protect your WhatsApp from Hacking, If you enjoyed it then definitely Share it with your Friends.

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