How to See Deleted WhatsApp Messages and Photos latest 2020 trick

How to see WhatsApp deleted messages or how to view WhatsApp deleted photos. Today I am going to tell you in this post, If your friends also send you a message on WhatsApp and delete it, then you cannot see the message.

You will know that your friend has sent you a message and deleted it, but the message will not show you. In the same way, if your friend sends you a photo and deletes it, then you will not be able to see that photo either.

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Therefore, through the trick below which I am gonna tell you, you can see the deleted pictures and the deleted messages that has been send by your friends. But for this, you have to install an application from PlayStore, after that you can see all the deleted messages and photos.

How to See Deleted WhatsApp Messages and Photos latest 2020 trick

1) First of all open the PlayStore and install the View Deleted Messages and Photo Recovery app.

2) After installing, allow all the permissions to be Required.

3) After this, if any friends send a message or photo to you and delete it, then the message of that friend will show "This message was deleted".

4) Now you have to open the View Deleted Messages and Photo Recovery app. On opening the apk, that friend's chat will be shown in front of you.

5) As soon as you open the chat of that friend, you will see all the deleted WhatsApp messages which were deleted by that Friend.

6) If there is a showing with a photo written on it, it means that a photo has been sent and deleted.

7) Now to see the deleted photos, you have to come back and click on the option of deleted images in the top side.

On clicking, you will see the photos or images that your friend sent to you and deleted. So in this way you can see the Deleted messages and photos on the WhatsApp, Just for this, you have to install this app in your phone beforehand.

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Instead of this you can use WhatsApp mods like GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp etc. You did not have to install any other application for that. Just you have to install any WhatsApp Mod apk. Here you can download the latest Version of FM WhatsApp.

I hope now you must have understood how to see WhatsApp Deleted Messages or WhatsApp Deleted Photos, If you liked this trick, then definitely share it with your friends on the social sites.

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