WhatsApp Pay ? How to use WhatsApp Pay ?

In this post I will tell you what is WhatsApp pay and how to use WhatsApp pay, so if you are a WhatsApp user then you need to know about this new update, and also know how to use WhatsApp pay. you want to be.

What Is WhatsApp Pay

WhatsApp Pay is a chat payment feature through which users can transfer money to any of their friends on WhatsApp, it is a UPI based payment service through which you can send and receive money to any chat on your WhatsApp account.

Through WhatsApp payment, users can now link their UPI enabled bank accounts to their WhatsApp account and send money to their contacts.

How to Use WhatsApp Payments

To use this feature you first need to update your WhatsApp app in google playstore, after which the payment feature will be updated in your WhatsApp account and you can easily use WhatsApp payment feature. Follow the instructions below.

1) First of all, open WhatsApp and click on 3 dot in the top corner.

2) Now the options that come up will show you the payment option, click on this option.

3) In the next interface, click on the Payment Method option.

4) Now you will be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions, then click on the Accept & Continue button.

5) Then a list of separate banks will appear in front of you, so select your bank.

6) Now in the next interface you will be asked to verify your registered mobile number by clicking on the Verify via SMS button. Note that your WhatsApp number and bank registered number should be the same.

7) After the popup opens, you have to click on the Allow.

8) Now Select SIM 1 or SIM 2.

9) Then select your bank account number.

10) Your bank account will now be linked to WhatsApp, so click on the Done button.

How To Send Money through WhatsApp Pay.

Now that the payment method has been enabled on WhatsApp, you can send money to someone's UPI id, scan the QR code and make payments like Paytm and transfer money to any of your WhatsApp contacts.

To make a payment in WhatsApp chat, you have to open the chat of your friend, then click on the attachment icon in the message bar and you will get the payment option.

Click on the payment option, type the amount you want to send and click on the send button. You can also write a remark along with the payment.

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