3 Telegram Chat hidden Secret Tricks - Telegram Secret Tips and Tricks

In today's post, I am going to tell you 3 Telegram Chat Secret Tricks, If you are a Telegram user and chatting with your friends on Telegram app, then you must know about the secret tricks of Telegram chat.

Telegram is a freeware, cloud-based instant messaging platform that you can use in your mobile and computers or laptops. You can access Telegram chat in multiple devices, And apart from this, what secret functions do you get in Telegram chats, let us know in this post.

3 Telegram Chat hidden Secret Tricks - Telegram Secret Tips and Tricks

๐Ÿ‘ŠSchedule Messages Secret Trick

You can send Schedule messages to any of your friends on Telegram, For example, the birthday of one of your friends is coming or you want to send a romantic message to your friend after a few days, And you think that maybe you can forget to message on time, then follow this Hidden Secret trick.

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➤1) First of all, open Telegram and open your friend's chat and type the message you want to Send.

➤2) After this, long press on the send button.

➤3) Now  two options will appear, click on the Schedule message option there.

➤4) Now set the date and time in the next interface.

➤5) Finally Click on the send button.

๐Ÿ‘ŠSend Messages Without Sound Secret Trick

If you send a message to your friend Normally, your friend will get the notification that he can open and read your message. But if you want to send a message without notification, then follow this secret trick.

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➤1) First of all, open your friend's chat and type a message.

➤2) After this, long press on the send button.

➤3) Now when two options appear, click on send without sound option.

๐Ÿ‘ŠDelete Chat on Both Side Hidden Secret Trick

If you want to delete your friend's chat with both sides, you can also do that, That is, whatever message you have sent to your friend Or your friend sent you, You can remove them from the chat with your Telegram account and your friend's Telegram account, for this super hidden trick follow the steps given below.

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➤1) First of all, open your friend's chat.

➤2) Now long-press the send and received messages and select them.

➤3) After this, click on the delete icon in the top right corner.

➤4) Now there will be a popup open, so also tick it in the check box named Delete for your friend and click on delete option.

You can Also Delete All Chat History in Just one Click on Both Sides.

Click on the 3 Dot icon in the Top Right Corner.

Click on the Check Box Also Delete for Friend.

With this trick you can delete all chats on both side with just 1 click.

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