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Hello friends! Today in this article we are going to talk about Advanced YouTube Video Downloader Script for Blogger. I will Show you fully from scratch to Designed how to Create Advanced YouTube Video Downloader Website. I will Give you Advanced YouTube Video Downloader Script Tool for Blogger Free. You only have to Download Advanced YouTube Video Downloader Script Below. We will know all the answers to the Advanced YouTube Video Downloader Script for Blogger. So stay with this article to know in more detail.


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YouTube is on Boom at the moment. Although Google's own product is YouTube. And it's the world's biggest site for online video streaming. And YouTube is used by nearly everyone in the country. And in such a case, you will know that we do not give you the option to download YouTube Video Downloader Script for Blogger from External Download.

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So nowadays, such a tool is going really viral on the internet. And the name of this app is the Video Downloader Tool for YouTube. That is, you can easily import any YouTube video from the File Manager with the use of this tool. There are several Android apps for this, by the way. Yet nearly everyone uses an online internet tool.

And now it comes to the issue of a blogger. How do we can create the Blogger YouTube Video Downloader tool? Since we and you know that the YouTube Video Downloader Tool is all on the Internet, it's all made in PHP Language Script. Except when it comes to Blogger or BlogSpot, on these sites, PHP is not supported. Thus, it only supports HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

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So I've shared a complete working script with you to download the Blogger/BlogSpot YouTube Video Downloader Script. So you can quickly create the YouTube Video Downloader tool in Blogger with the support of this full script.

Steps to Create a Advanced YouTube Video Downloader Tool in Blogger

➤1) Go the the Blogger.com and Create you Account.

➤2) Now Click on the New Blog. Type the Name of  your Website and then type the URL Address of your Website. Click on Save and You are Done in Creating your Website.

➤3) Now Go to the Theme section as shown in the image below.

➤4) Now there is theme with name "Simple Blog", apply this theme on your website. see the image below.

➤5) When the Theme is Applied on your Website Click on the Icon Shown in Image Below.

➤6) Now go to the Mobile Settings.

➤7) After that Select the Desktop Option and then click on Save button.

➤8) Now again click on the Icon as shown in step 5, and then Click on the Switch to First Generation Classic Theme, as shown in the image below.

➤9)  Now Click on the Switch Without a Backup.

➤10) Now there, Click on the Edit HTML as shown in Image.

➤11) After Clicking on Edit HTML, here you see the Code clear all the Code and paste the Code which you download below.

➤12) All is Done, Now the Last step is to Hide the Navbar shown in the Website, Again click on the Icon show in Step 5, and then Click on Change Navbar.

➤13) Scroll Down and select the "OFF" option and then Click on Save Button.

All is Done, You have Created your Beautiful Advanced YouTube Video Downloader Website. That is How you can Create your Own YouTube Video Downloader Website and can Earn a Lot of Money from it.

Zip Password: www.bhataasim.in

Download See Demo


The purpose of today post is to provide you with the Advanced YouTube Video Downloader Script for Blogger Did you like these. Advanced YouTube Video Downloader Script for Blogger? You must definitely give us your feedback in the comment box below. If you also want to give us any kind of Suggestion, then share your opinion with us in the Comment Box.

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