FAU-G Game: How to Play FAU-G Game? Pubg vs Fau g game vs Free Fire

How to play FAUG game: Hello friends, in this article today I am going to give you all the information about this topic. If you do not know that a Made In India game was released yesterday in India which was made by India on 26 Jan 2021. fau g game which has become very popular at the present time, so today through this article, I am going to tell you how you can play this game, in which way you have to download all the information. I will get it.

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fau g game So many of you were asking me to comment. If you do not know what fau g game is and why so many people like to play this game. So let me tell you that this game is made by Bollywood star Akshay Kumar or in his own perspective.

It is being told that 20% of the amount of money that will come through this game will be given to the Indian Army.

The biggest thing is that this game has been made in India, ever since Pubg Mobile was banned in India, since then the talk of the launch of this game had spread all over India and many people were waiting eagerly. What will this game be like, how will it be played, so today you will get all the information in this article.

How to Play FAU-G Game Complete Information

As you may know, this game was released on 26 January 2021. And if many people are comparing this game to Pubg Mobile, then I will give you information about it too. But first of all know that how to play Fau g Game?

The full form of FAU-G is Fearless And United-Guards and this game which will be all the real things inside this game, what happened to our young men who were martyred in India. There were big battles, in what ways our brave soldiers, they had sacrificed, in which ways they had won them.

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Looking at all those places, this game has been created and the same place as the Galvan Valley game is told in the map and due to this region this game is going to be very interesting, so let's know without any delay how to play fau g Game?

How to Play FAU-G Game

Let's understand without delay that how to play fau g game but before that you all have to download FAU-G game inside your mobile phone.

FAU-G Game Download Link Here I have given the download link of Google Play Store, by clicking on it you can download this game inside your mobile phone.

As soon as all of you people will download and install this game and open it. Then you will see two options on your screen

So to play this game, that is, you have to click on the Play button to start the match. Within this, you will get to see three options, that is, you will get to see 3 modes of mode.

  • Campaign
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Free For all

Because this game has been released new. So now the testing of this game is going on, that is why only one mod is available in this game. You have to select this mode and then click on the Start button.

When you click on the Start button, you will be told the full story there, where - where - what happened and in what way our military soldiers had conquered there, the whole story will be understood to you after that. Will start

All the language used in this game is Hindi language, due to which it becomes a very fun game.

Now a map will come in front of you and you will get the option of a joystick and punch on your screen, then you have to go to the location mentioned in the map, there you will find some enemies, they have to punch and kill you. And this is the way this game works.

What is the Fau g Game Store?

Have you learned this how to play fau g game? But as I said, in this game you will get to see two options, the other one is the store, and inside it you will find a lot of bodybuilding outfits and weapons to kill the enemy, let me give you some information about it. 

So far, no gun (GUN) has been brought inside this game, that is, there is no firing weapon, you will only see knives, ax weapons in this way.

Also, in the section of the store, you will get to see a lot of outfits for your character means different clothes. You can buy them and use them on your character means you can wear them. It is necessary to have a coin in your account to buy new outfits. There are 2 types of coins in this game, Gold and Silver.

If you have to buy any outfit, then first you have to buy these by paying them, then after that you can take out the outfit on your character in this game.

How much money of fau g game will be given to INDIAN ARMY?

As I told you inside this game if you have to buy any outfit or any weapon for your character. So it is important to have a coin in your account. So to take them in your account, you have to buy them by paying money.

When everyone like you invest in this game and buy them by paying money, then the owner of the game is being told that 20% of the total income from this game will be given to the Indian Army. According to sources, it has been revealed.

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And that's why this game has been made so that we are investing money in the game outside India, we are playing the same money in the game made in India so that our army will benefit from it and India's money in India Stay the same.

FAU-G Game Vs Pubg Mobile

As I told you in the beginning that a lot of people are comparing this game ie Faug is comparing Pubg Mobile, so what is the real truth, is this game better than Pubg Mobile or is it not so then let's go I also know all the information.

See the pubg that is a mobile game, it has been made in Advance graphics, we cannot compare it to this FAUG game because there is a difference of day and night between these two games. Both games are completely different.

In view of the history of FAUG Game India, which soldiers had done things, this game has been made in view of the same, all the things are shown in it. So far, looking at this game, it cannot be said at all that this game is a Battle Royale Game.

As you may know, Pubg Mobile is a Battle Royale Game. That is why if you are comparing these two games then do not do this. Both games are very good at their own place.

How to play FAU-G Game 1GB, 2GB Ram Phone?

I hope you all know that how to play fau g game? But here too many people are facing this problem. That if your mobile is Ram or processor is very less. So when he goes to download this game on the play store, he gets an error there and he is unable to download the game.

So is there any way through which we can play in our mobile whose RAM is 1GB or 2GB, then let me give you information about it.

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See, this game is currently testing in the beta version of this game. When this game will be fully launched, then you will be able to play this game easily in your 1GB or 2GB Ram mobile phone.

Right now if you download the application of this game by any means, but this game will not be installed in your mobile, so be a little more patient when it will launch fully. Then you will be able to enjoy this game.


Hope you have how to play fau g game? Must have understood that if you still have any problem related to this game or any other topic, then you can tell us through the comment below. We will definitely help you.

If you liked this article, then surely you should share it with your friends too so that they can also learn and understand, thank you for reading this article.

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