Gmail (Google) New Privacy Rules Update - Will your Gmail be closed? Know what is the truth

Today we are going to talk about the latest update of Gmail. New rules have been released for Google's service Gmail, if you do not follow the rules given by Google then you will not be able to use Gmail's service. It was mandatory to accept the new rules implemented by Gmail by 25 January. If you do not pay attention to this deadline, then your Gmail account may be closed. Similar news is becoming increasingly viral on social media, but there is some truth and some lies in the news going viral. Which we will tell you further.

For your information, let us tell you that new rules for Gmail have been issued by Google, which are mandatory to accept. But if you do not do all the cars under the new rules, your account will not be closed. You cannot take advantage of some services provided by Gmail only, such as expensive smart compositions, assistant reminders and automatic email filtering. Also, let us tell you that these rules have only been implemented in the United Kingdom at the moment, so there is no need to fear Indian users. Do not believe the rumor at all. Stayed with us to know some kind of latest information, remain with us.

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Google Police has recently released some new rules for the service search engine of the world famous Gmail. Recently on social media, the message is also going viral that if you do not follow these rules like WhatsApp then your Gmail account will be closed. Also, it is being told in the viral message that till January 25, if you do not approve of following the new rules, then your Gmail account will be closed. Let's know what is the truth of this news that is going viral on social media?

Google has released a new guideline

It is true that recently Google has issued new rules for Gmail users, which is mandatory to accept. But if you do not accept these rules then your Gmail account will not be closed. But after this you will not be able to enjoy some of Gmail's special services like Smart Compose, Assistant Reminder and Automatic Email Filtering. However, the new rules of Google's Gmail service will be for the UK only. Currently these rules are not implemented in India.

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Which features of Gmail are banned?

Automatic email filtering feature - In this, Gmail divides your Inbox message into three categories Primary, Social and Promotion.

Assistant Reminder - This Gmail feature helps remind you of the date of paying your bill.

Smart Compose - This feature of Gmail suggests spelling your email during composing and typing.

New update for Gmail users

Google has said that recently an update has been released for Gmail users on its behalf, which will give the user control over their personal data and support. With this, users will be able to decide which of their data they want to share with Google and who does not. The pop-up message to accept Google's new rule will be found when you open Gmail.

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