How to import blogger Website to WordPress | Import Blogger blog to WordPress 2021

Blogspot is a great blogging platform for starting blogging. But when it comes to blogging's online business, WordPress is the first choice. The biggest reason for this is that there is no full control on our blogspot. Google gives us only limit control. In a way, we are running Google's blog. But we have a full control on WordPress. Whatever we want can do on WordPress. In this tutorial, I am telling you the information to import Blogger Blog from Blogspot to WordPress. I am Sure you will definitely like it.


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I have given complete information about transferring Blogspot blog to WordPress. If you need complete information about migrating blogger blog to wordpress platform. So read the article I will tell you How do you transfer Blogspot blog to WordPress?

You can import posts, pages, comments and images of your blogger blog to the WordPress platform. For this, you will just need to backup your blogger blog.

If you need information on how to backup Blogger blog and how to download backup data of Blogspot blog. Read the post and then backup your blog.

How to Import Blogger Blog to WordPress: Migrate Your Blogger Blog to WordPress

By the way, if you want, you can also move only your blogger blog posts to WordPress. But if there is good traffic on your blogspot blog, then you should import full blog content on WordPress.

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Blogspot Blog is very easy to import to WordPress. For this, first you make a backup of your blogger blog or you follow the image below. You only have to follow 2 steps.

➤1. Download Backup Your Blogger Blog

Go to Blogger Dashboard> Settings> Backup Content and download the backup of your blog.

➤2. Guide To Import Your Blogspot Blog To WordPress

So now I agree that you have a backup of your Blogger blog and you are ready to import it on WordPress. Now go to your WordPress and sign in. Then follow the steps given below.

Go to the WordPress blog dashboard and click Tools >> Import. Now click on Blogger.

Now here you have to import a backup of your blogger blog. For this, click on the Chose file and select Backup Blogger Blog from your computer. After that click on "Upload File and Import".

Just now once your data is imported to WordPress. This may take some time. How much time it will take depends on the backup size (MB) of your blogger blog. Once the uploading is complete, you can do all your data on the WordPress platform.

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So friends now you learn how easy it is to import Blogger blog or Website to WordPress. We can do this with this little technique. If you have any better information than this, then you can share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Have you got complete information on importing blogger blog to WordPress in this post And after reading this post, you can easily import your blog on WordPress.

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