How to rank website on Google without Backlink? Rank your blog without creating Backlinks Working Method

Friends , if you have created your own website and want to Rank your Website or Blog on Google Without Creating any Backlink. See Ranking any Website, Backlink are Used, But with that backlinks, sometimes the spam score of our website increases. Which directly impacts our Google Ranking. But I will tell you how you can Rank any website on google without Backlinks.

Friends, in this post today, I will tell you how you can rank your website on Google without Backlink. Because if seen in today's time, almost everyone has created their own website and blog etc.

Due to which competition has become very much on Google. But today we will talk about how you can get your website ranked on Google without backlink. Let me tell you that there is a very easy way to rank any of your websites on Google. And now some of you may be thinking that I would recommend you to make Backlink? But there is nothing like it.

Because often you must have seen many people who go on the website of others and submit their links in the Comment Box. Because of which their rank does not increase but decreases.

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But now there will be some of you who are not going to believe without example. So let me tell them, if you will analyze the website of Techno Vedant [YouTuber]. So their Spam Score is 14/18.

And that's because. Because He used to make Backlinks day and night, so that his website gets ranked. But the website did not rank up, increasing its Spam Score. So now let us know how any website is ranked without backlink.

How to rank website on Google without Backlink?

Friends, you can use these tips to rank any of your websites on Google without backlink. And I hope that they will try to rank your website on Google as soon as possible.

➤1) First of all, according to the Title, Tag and Description Limit of your website.

➤2) Make Robots.txt, Sitemap.xml, and 404 pages in your website.

➤3) And connect all social media platforms to your website and also connect them to the website.

➤4) Must use Professional and Unique Logo and Favicon.

➤5) There are all the Broken Links in your website. Find them and reconnect them.

➤6) Use the Domain, Hosting and SSL of good company.

➤7) Use Mobile-Friendly Theme. And if Custom Design is done. So make sure to Minify that code.

➤8) And besides this, you should use Schema markup in your blog. Which helps to provide Google information about your website very soon.

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➤9) And whatever graphics you are using in your website. If you can make them yourself or get them made. And , Alt tag must be used.

➤10) Find a high-quality keyword and publish a good article on it. And do share on social media.

➤11) And whenever you write a post, publish the post with less than 300 words with Meta Data and H1 and H2 Headings, a photo, small paragraphs, a video if required.

➤12) And if possible, make sure About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy Pages on your website.

➤13) Apart from this, you should not use more Custom Scripts i.e. Inline CSS in your website.

➤14) And use Plugin to delete Cache of your website. Then go to Public_html and create a file named .htaccess and enter Custom Expire Code.

➤15) And to stop Canonicalization, you should use https in (URL) by going to Setting> General> of your WordPress Website.

So friends, I hope that by using these tips, you will be able to rank your website on Google as soon as possible without backlink. But if you have not chosen such a keyword, whose competition is very high. And your competitor has some backlink. So you too can make your backlink by visiting those places.

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But I hope that if you use these tips then you will not need backlinks. And thank you very much for reading this post.

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