How to transfer WhatsApp group into signal app 2021 Trick

In today's post, I will tell you how to transfer WhatsApp group chats to Signal app. If you are worried about WhatsApp's new privacy policy going to be updated from February 2021 and want to delete your WhatsApp, So now you can move your WhatsApp friends and groups on the signal app.


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The Signal app is a cross platform encrypted messaging service and is more secure and more Safe than WhatsApp. The special thing about the signal is that it has taken special care of the privacy of the users. And in this too, you get features like WhatsApp, rather signal app, it is easier to use than WhatsApp. So after WhatsApp's privacy policy ruckus, people are moving on the signal app.

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How to transfer WhatsApp group into signal app

Moving WhatsApp group to signal app is very easy and simple, For this, follow the easy steps given below, how to move the WhatsApp group in the Signal app, let us know the step by step.

➤1) First of all, Open the signal app.

➤2) Now click on 3 vertical dots in the top right corner.

➤3) After this, click on the new group option.

➤4) Now the signal friend list will open, then select a contact from here and click on the blue arrow icon.

➤5) After this enter the group name in the next interface and click on the create button.

➤6) After the group is created, open it and click on the group name in the top side.

➤7) Now when some options come, click on the "OFF" option in front of the group link here.

➤8) After this enable the toggle button in front of the group link in the next interface.

➤9) Now the below options will be highlighted, then click on the share option.

➤10) After this, there will be some options in the bottom side, then click on the share option here.

➤11) Now if different sharing options come, then select WhatsApp in them.

➤12) After this, WhatsApp chat list will open, then select your WhatsApp group and send the link.

All work is done, now all the members in your WhatsApp group can join the group by clicking on the link of the shared signal group. And you can move your entire WhatsApp group on the signal.

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I Hope, now you have understood how to transfer WhatsApp group to signal app, If you find this information helpful, then share it with your friends too.

If you have any queries regarding this, feel free to comment below.

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