What is the Dark Web? How to Access Dark Web? Points Keep in Mind before visiting Dark Web

Hello Friends, today we are going to talk about a very interesting topic called Dark Web and how to access the Dark Web?

The Internet we know or use constitutes only 4% of the entire web. 96% of the rest is completely hidden, which we Dark Web Know by name The dark web is the dark world of the Internet, where illegal activities around the world take place. But this is not the whole truth of the Dark Web. Actually it is more frightening and mysterious than we think. If you want to know more about Dark Web and Deep Web, then this article is specially for you. So, you will read it completely.

You might all be using the Internet, but do you know what the dark web is? If not then this article of today is going to be very informative for you. In today's time, all our activities, whether it is buying some things online or talking to someone, we have to depend on the internet for all information.

In such a situation, you may think that you know everything about the web world, and perhaps you have also explored practically everything on the internet. But you might be shocked to know that we have only 4% information about the Internet.

Yes, Google, Yahoo or any other search engine all cover only 4% of the entire web world. And at the same time, we do not really know anything about 96% of the web and it is beyond the reach of a common man.

This large hijacked part is called Dark Web. This dark web includes all things like selling of online drugs, pornography, and all kinds of illegal things which are against our rules. It is also illegal to visit such dark websites and dark web. Our country is also involved in this along with other countries.

While leaving some antisocial activities, this dark web is also very useful thing. Here it is up to you how you use it. If you want to know more about what the Dark Web is and how it works, then you will have to stay with us. So let's start without delay.

What is Dark Web?

Whenever we hear the name of Dark Web, a variety of questions start to arise in our mind. Like what is Dark Web? How is it used? And what happens here, etc. etc. But as we start to learn about the Dark Web, our curiosity grows. And never takes the name of ending. Because the world of Dark Web is so mysterious that we want to know more and more about it. But the truth is that even today our information about the Dark Web is negligible.

If you want to know that What is Dark Web? How to Access Dark Web?  Points  Keep in Mind before visiting Dark Web ?So first you have to understand about World Wide Web (www). The World Wide Web is actually a world-class digital library (a repository of information), where information is available in the form of URLs around the world. Just understand that all the information that you access with the help of Internet throughout the day, is available only on the World Wide Web. Even the article you are reading, it is also present on the World Wide Web.

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The World Wide Web is broadly divided into 2 parts. First, Surface Web and second Deep Web. But there is also a dark part of the Deep Web, which is very mysterious. We know this mysterious part under the names Dark Web, Dark Net and Black Web. You can understand it with the help of this picture.

The part of the Dark Web Internet, that is not indexed by Search Engines. Like this, the Dark Web is a part of the Deep Web. According to the Researchers, only 4% of the internet is visible to the general public and is called Surface Web.

It also means that 96% of the rest of the internet is made up of "The Deep Web or Dark Web".

In the dark web, there are websites that are not visible to the public, because their IP address details are intentionally kept hidden. While such websites can be viewed using the right tools, but it is impossible to find their server details. At the same time, it is equally difficult to track them completely.

To access the Dark Web, you can use many anonymity tools. In which some popular tools are Tor and I2P. This dark web is very popular for people with both black market and user protection, so they also have both positive and negative aspects.

How does Dark Web work?

The working of this dark web is completely different than our usual websites. You cannot Visit these dark websites with the help of these normal web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Safari etc.

To visit them, you have to use a special web browser called Tor. Only with this browser you can open dark web websites in your system. At the same time, extensions of dark websites are also very different. Like .onion which is a highly encrypted domain name, they are used for these dark websites.

Now maybe you will be very excited to go into this dark web. And why is this so exciting?

By the way, entering into it is not that easy, that you just login and enter in this dark web. At the same time, you have to follow some things to enter it. Let's know about them.

➤1) First of all, you will need a secured VPN service to protect your identity from others. Because this side of the web is not as safe and many hackers are always roaming in these dark web parts.

Therefore, to keep yourself secure, a secured VPN service should be used. As such, if you want, you can use Nord VPN, Strong VPN, HideMyIP, Cactus VPN, Kepard VPN and HideIPVPN.

➤2) At the same time, you have to download Tor Web Browser so that you can login safely and securely in the dark web.

Note: Always download Tor Web Browser from official websites only, because in internet you can find many duplicate web browsers, which can become a problem for you later.

➤3) Once you have securely installed Tor web browser, then you should close all apps and programs so that you can easily crawl in the dark web.

If you want to search for dark websites, you can use the GRAM search engine. It is very similar to Google and has been specially designed for the dark web.

Things to keep in mind before accessing the dark web

➤1) Do not enter any of your real information while surfing the dark web.

➤2) Do not download anything from any site in the dark web.

➤3) Never enable JavaScript in your browser while surfing on Dark Web.

➤4) Please do not install / enable plugins in the browser.

➤5) Always visit the HTTPS websites on Dark web.

➤6) Always Use Secured VPN service to protect yourself.

How to access the Dark Web from your computer

Here today we will know how you can access the Dark Web with the help of your computer. Together, all those related to it will also look towards the small big thing.

Step 1

Choose a great VPN service for you. Whether you are using TOR or not. However, you must use a VPN service.

You need to take special care of your anonymity and security. That too when you are using the Dark Web.

Never fall into this misconception that your ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) and Law Enforcement are not tracking your activities. By the way, those who use Tor Browser use a very secure network for themselves.

Recently, there was a news about the vulnerability of TOR, where the real IP address of the users using TOR was hacked. With which they could be easily tracked. So if you use TOR, then update it soon. And it is common to have such vulnerability.

By simply using a VPN software, it hides you and your IP address from ISP and Government agencies. Also encrypts all your Internet usage. Therefore it is almost impossible to find your real identity.

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The other benefit is that using a VPN keeps you away from hackers, who can easily steal your identity and personal files from your computer. So soon you should install a VPN in your system.

Step 2

You cannot open the Dark Web using a common browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. To get access to Dark Net, you also have to download a dark web browser which is also called TOR browser bundle. Use only official TOR website, never download it from any other websites.

TOR Official Website: https://www.torproject.org/download/download.html By closing all programs you can use Tor Browser.

Step 3

Install TOR browser bundle in your PC. When the download is complete, then you can double-click the downloaded file, and together you can choose the destination folder and then choose extract.

Step 4

Start TOR Browser

Open the folder where you extracted the TOR browser and then double-click "Start Tor Browser".

Now TOR start page will open in your browser window. Just congratulations to you, you have opened the door to the Dark Web. Now you can enter a new world.

Can browsing the Dark Web be dangerous? how?

In fact, browsing the Dark Web can be very dangerous, if you have not noticed some things. So let's know about them, which you can keep away from yourself and stay away from these problems.


Some websites can infect your devices with viruses, and there are many different types of viruses in the dark web. So remember that do not download anything from websites that you do not trust.


You should stay away from these hackers. Because they can easily hack your devices. There are many forums in the Dark Web where you can hire these computer hackers to do many illegal activities. Then remember that anyone can easily hack your systems.

Webcam Hijacking

There are also websites in the Dark Web that will encourage a remote administration tool - also called "RAT" - to be installed in your device. This means that they can easily hijack your webcam. They can then monitor all your activities through the camera lens.

So you can always cover the face of the Camera lens with some paper or cloth while browsing in the Dark Web. This will bring water back to their dreams.

What is a Surface Web or Clear Web?

Surface Web is also called Clear Web/Clear Net. It refers to the normal internet / world wide web where you can do all the things that you do in everyday life like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, online shopping from Amazon or Flipkart.

All websites and web pages that a search engine such as Google can search are all called Clear Net or Surface Web. It is only 4% of the entire internet.

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What is a Deep Web?

Then comes Deep Web. This is called the remaining parts of Internet that comes after Surface Web. Search engines cannot index these deep web sites.

These include many web pages such as membership logins, web pages of all company and organization etc. There is no illegal item in the majority of Deep Web.

What is Dark Web or Dark Net?

The dark web is a small part of the Deep Web where all illegal things are available. Most of the Dark Web are encrypted, so they can only be accessed from a browser that can open them such as TOR Browser.

Websites of Dark Net cannot be found in traditional search engines. In these Dark Net, you can get all illegal items like drugs, counterfeit goods, weapons, as well as hacking sites, X-rated sites, bitcoin buying and selling.

Deep Web VS Dark web

As long as you are running with the right objective, then you are in the Deep Web. And it is not illegal to access Deep Web. But as soon as you indulge in any wrong and illegal work, understand that you have reached the Dark Web which is illegal. That is, there is no boundary line between Deep Web and Dark Web, which tells you that it is Deep Web and it is Dark Web. Actually the Dark Web is also a part of the Deep Web, which is used for crime and illegal acts. Therefore, act at your discretion.

How to use the Dark Web securely?

You must have understood all this, this part of the web is completely hidden and illegal for some reasons. So you can not login with burst here.

You will have to pay some special attention for its security while you are visiting these dark websites. Just like you should cover your microphone and camera when you are visiting these dark websites and should never use your personal details.

If you are using these dark websites correctly, such as project search, then this is a very good thing. But if your intentions are not right then keep in mind that the eyes of the police are always on you. Therefore, only enter the dark web only when it is very needed, otherwise it will not. Or when you have good intentions.

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Some Dark web URLs

If you do not have a website address on the dark web And you want to visit .onion URL Website, then "The Hidden Wiki" . Here you will find the category wise URL, which you want to visit, Just Visit them Carefully and keep in mind the above mentioned points.

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