What is Hacking? How to learn Hacking in 2021? Expert Ways to Become Hacker in 2021

Hey Guys, you must have heard or read a lot about computer hacking. But you will have little knowledge about it. So I am going to tell you here in detail about Computer Hacking. I have some important questions here Before learning hacking usually come to mind, have tried to write it by collecting it here.


  • What is Hacking?
  • Who's the hackers?
  • Types of Hackers
  • What is cracker?
  • Who is Script Kiddies?
  • What skills are required to become a Hacker?
  • What is the best way to learn Hacking?
  • How to protect your computer from being hacked?
  • What is the Best Way to Learn Hacking for Beginners?
  • How Long Does It Take To Master The Skills Of Hacking?

What is Hacking?

Computer Hacking is a process by which we modify or modify a computer software or hardware and implement other goals besides the original purpose of creator. Hacking is the art of declaring the mistake of software. Because the word 'Hack' is mostly used for people who are weak in their 'profession', so some hackers tell about this term, that it is offensive and unable to recognize their real skill. 

Who's the hackers?

A Hacker or white hat Hacker, is also known as Ethical Hacker. It is a computer security expert who specialized in penetration testing and other testing methods, and ensures that the company's information system is secure or not. These people work in companies and these people are also Known as sneakers.

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Types of Hackers

Hackers are mainly known by 3 types.

  • White Hat Hacker - We can call it good hackers, White hat hackers use their skills for the safety of other people and company. We know it as security expert and Ethical hackers.
  • Black Hat hacker - We also know Black hat hackers as Crackers, they use their skill to do illegal work like account hacking, online phishing etc.
  • Gray Hat Hackers - Gray hat hacker is made up of black and white hat hackers, they work well some times and illegal work so some times they are called gray hat hackers.

Who is cracker?

Black hat hackers, are known as Crackers. These people illegally enter the computer system and do their profit, fun and illegal work. They mostly do this through data modification and destruction. They can distribute computer virus and internet worm, deliver spam through botnet.

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Who is Script Kiddies?

A script kiddies is an wannabe crackers, these people know about how the computer works, but these people enter the computer by adopting the well known and easy technique and important files and Can steal data.

What skills are required to become a Hacker?

There is nothing like big magic in learning hacking, but like other useful things, it also requires dedication and willingness to learn it. For this, it is very important to know about some topics like, operating system and its working, computer network, programming etc. It is impossible to become a Hacker in a day or a night, for this long time duration is needed.

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What is the best way to learn Hacking?

The best way to learn Hacking is to start basic learning about it from now on. Many books are also available for learning hacking. But before you start learning hacking, you must have basic knowledge about computer programming and security network. Internet is the best source for this.

How to protect your computer from being hacked?

Basic knowledge about computer such as security network, virus, torjan, spyware.phishing etc is enough to protect the computer from hacking.

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What is the Best Way to Learn Hacking for Beginners?

If you also want to learn hacking, then below are some steps. By following this you can become a good hacker.

➤Step-1: Start with Basic

For the beginner, who doesn't know anything about hacking. It is better for him to do it than the starting basic. Instead of learning direct hacking, you should do research about basics like security network, virus, ports, firewalls, common network protocols like IP address, HTTP, FTP, DNS, SMTP etc.

You can also learn about alternate operating system Linux. Whose knowledge is very important for hacking. Once you learn about basic fundamental. Then you will reach a position where you can easily understand any hacking technique.

➤Step-2: Choose good source to learn Hacking

If you have a good knowledge about hacking, then there are many books that give you technical information about the latest vulnerabilities and also show possible ways to exploit it. It is difficult for a beginner to find a good source that teaches basic hacking. Hacking Secrets Exposed is a very good book for a beginner, it teaches beginner hacking without any previous knowledge and it is very easy to follow its step.

Tips - With the help of "www.bhataasim.in", you can learn hacking, because in the coming articles we will post articles related to hacking.

➤Step-3: Learn Programming (Optional)

If you want to know more and more about hacking, then programming is something that you cannot skip. Even though you can use some ready made tools for easily hacking, but it would be better if you have knowledge about programming language like Python, PHP and JavaScript. Because with this you can create your own tool and exploit the codes.

How Long Does It Take To Master The Skills Of Hacking?

Hacking is not something in which you get trained in one night, so you should never hurry. For this, you will need knowledge, skills, creativity, dedication and time. You may take a few months or a few years to learn this, which depends on you, how much dedication and effort you are working with. If you want to become a hacker, it will require good sources, willingness to learn, and guidance.

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