What is Termux? How to use Termux? Hacking with Termux

Guys, You want to make your Android Hacking Device, Then you must need to install Termux in your Android Device. Today I will tell you What is Termux? How to Install Termux in any Android Device? How to Use Termux? How to Hack with Termux? Important Tools required in Termux? How to Install Python in Termux? How to Install Git in Termux? etc. I will provide everything required for Termux, in this Post.

Hello Friends to install Kali Linux in Android Mobile, you will find many applications on the Play Store, But for this, at least 1 GB of RAM should be in your mobile, But With Termux, you can install a Linux packages in less than 200 MB of RAM.

What is Termux? How to use Termux? Hacking with Termux

It is a terminal emulator that provides the Linux environment. With the help of Termux app, tools like Hydra, Nmap, Red Hawk, SQLMap, RAT, Metasploit can also be installed. Along with this, some extra add-ons also come, which you can add more features by installing them.

Termux Add-ons :


      ●  Termux-Boot





How to install and use Termux in Android?

You don't need to be have a rooted device for installing Termux in your Phone. This method works on both Rooted and UnRooted mobiles phones.

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Steps to install Termux in any Android Device

➤Step 1: First you go to PlayStore and download Termux app.

➤Step 2: Open Termux and type this command >> apt update && apt upgrade and then enter.

➤Step 3: Then type  termux-setup-storage and enter.

You have successfully setup the Termux application in your Device. Now you have to install some important tools and packages in it, so let's install some important Packages first.

In Termux, PHP environment is very important, because some of the tools run on PHP so it is very important to have PHP Installed on Device.

To install PHP just type this Command >> Pkg install php 

Termux have to be given some Permissions for installation. For that, type Y and then enter and now you have installed the PHP environment in Termux.

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Now it is time to install Git in Termux. The Git command is used to direct copy files from GitHub and any other source. And this command is very important.

To install it, type >> pkg install git

Type this command to install python in Termux >> pkg install python2

How to install basic tools in Termux?

➤1) Nmap: The Nmap tool is used for Information Gathering and Vulnerability Scanning. Type this command to install it. >> pkg install nmap

➤2) Hydra: Hydra is a very powerful tool. This is used to do Brute Force Attacks. To install it, type >> pkg install Hydra

➤3) SQLMap: This is a very popular website vulnerability scanning tool. This tool is used to find SQL Database Vulnerabilities. to install SQLMap tool in Termux type this command >> git clone https://github.com/sqlmapproject/sqlmap.git and then hit Enter. Wait few minutes until it downloads, After downloading type this command >> ls then type this command >> cd , then type >> cd sqlmap-dev . Now type this >> python2 sqlmap.py and the SQLMap wil run in your Termux app.

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There are too many tools that we can install in Termux. You might have Understood what the termux? How to use Termux? If you have any questions related to this post or any doubt, feel free comment below.

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