How to see Google search history? How to Check My Complete Search History on Google

In today's post, I am going to tell you how to see Google search history, If you are an Android user then you must be using Google and what you have searched on Google so far, if you do not know So in this post you will learn to check your Google search history.

You must be searching on Google for some information, Mostly users use Google search to answer their queries, To know about a website and app, or to find a location, you use Google search engine.

In such a situation, Google tracks each of your activities, and records your search activity, In such a situation, what you have done on Google, that is, what is your complete search history, you will definitely want to know, Therefore, in this post how we see Google search history, we are going to know further.

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How to see Google search history-How to Check My Complete Search History on Google

If You want to see google search history in your mobile phone of all time then follow the steps below:

➤1) To check Google search history first, Click here My Google Activity .

➤2) Now in the next interface, your complete Google Search history will come in front of you. Here are some options in the left side menu.

🠊 Bundle View option: First of all, it opens in which your complete search history, that is, what you have searched so far, you can see it here on Google.

🠊 item view: You can view your search history by clicking on the item view option.

🠊 Delete Activity: By clicking the delete activity by option, you can filter and delete the date wise your search history.

🠊 Other Google Activity: By clicking on the Google activity option, you can check the history of other Google products such as YouTube and Google Play.

🠊 Activity Controls: As soon as you click on the Activity Controls option, you will see Google's web and app activity, location history, device information, voice and radio activity, If you have the option to enable Disable YouTube Search History and YouTube Watch History, then you can turn on or off any activity from here.

🠊 Google Account: You can manage your Google account by clicking on the Google Account option, Such as sign in & security, personal information & privacy, account preferences can be done by recording your accounts.

Apart from these, you can also find your search history by clicking on the search option, Whatever you have searched, you can find your search history by searching that content.

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I hope Now you have understood how to check Google search history, if you find this information helpful, then share it with your friends too.

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