How to Send SMS to anyone without showing Phone Number?

Friend if you want to send me SMS and you do not want to show your number, then today I will tell you, How you can send SMS without Phone number from my mobile. How to send That too easily?

Actually, in the trick we are sharing with you, after sending your message, the number will be visible to other users. But there will be a Fake number in place of your number, so that he will not be able to know from where this message came from.

Friends, this trick can be very useful in prank unknown people or with your friend. So to know how this trick works, read this article today till the end.

How to Send SMS to anyone without showing Phone Number?

Friends, there is a website A free Sms, with the help of which you message anyone, then Receiver feels like this! As if the Sms of a company has come, you can see it on the screenshot below.

So on the use of this website, how can you message anyone without showing the number for free, let us know step by step.

First of all open Google Chrome like anyone in your mobile. And open this site Afreesms.com in the Search Bar! You will see many countries as soon as you come to this website, then you have to select India here.

As soon as you do this, a new page will open in front of you, so to send you a message from here, first of all type the Phone number of the person whom you want to message.

Then type your message in the message box below, here you can send a maximum of 154 characters in one turn. Then at the end is to fill the captcha code correctly

And as soon as you have done this, click on the Send button. Now if you have not entered any information correctly, before sending the message, you will be asked to correct it on the screen.

But if everything is correct then a new page will show on your screen. In which you will be told that your message has been sent. And 1 or 2 minutes after that the message actually reaches that number.

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Friends, an easy way to test this website is that you can see the message once on your own number first. Apart from this, let us know that there are many such apps on the Play Store through which you can also show your number to anyone without s.m.s. We can tell you about one of them popular application Dingtone app.

How to send a message to anyone without a mobile number for free? From Dingtone App

So first of all you have to install the Dingtone application in your mobile from play store. This app has been installed more than 10 million times and the app has got a rating of 4.4 + stars.

Download Dingtone App

So after installing this app simply you have to open it in your mobile.

✔ On opening the application, you see some features of this app on the screen.

✔ Then you click on the Get started button to proceed.

✔ When you come to this app for the first time, you will get the sign up button, then click on it.

✔ Now in the signup page here you have to enter your mobile number and select your country, then click on the Continue button.

✔ Now an OTP will appear on your number, enter that OTP! Then after that you will be asked to enter your name, enter the name

✔ As soon as you do this, you will come to the main screen of the app, here you can see below, you have been given some tabs like Messages and Call.

In the beginning you get 10,000 credits here, with the help of which you can call anyone without showing the number. But here we have to message someone, then for that we will go to the option of Message. Now you will see the pencil icon above and click on it and select the Sms option here.

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Now in front of you s.m.s. If there are many contacts to send, then tap on the contact of any user you want to send the message without showing the number. As you do this, now type your message in the SMS box and click on send button.

Friends, that message will reach that user in a few moments and your number will not be visible. The person will feel as if a message has been sent from a service provider. Friends, in this way you can message anyone for free with the help of Dingtone app.

Now you have both website and application methods, you can use the method that you like, with the help of s.m.s. can do. If you have found the website way easier, then apart from Afreesms, you can also try sites like way2sms, GlobFone.

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Friend, we are going to end today's article right here! We hope s.m.s. how to send ? That you might have liked this post. And you must have known how the messages are sent to anyone, without the help of internet, show your number.

Hope you have liked this post! If you have any question related to this post, then comment below. And if you liked the post, then share it on social media.

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