How To Install Kali Linux In Android Phone Using Termux

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Hope You Are All Fine. In Todays Post I Am Going To Tell You How To Install Kali Linux In Android Phone Using Termux App. Friends If You Have A Little Bit Of Knowledge About Hacking Then You Must Also Know The Termux App. Well Those Friends Which Do Not Know About Termux App Let Me Explain For Them:

Termux App : Termux Is An Android Terminal Emulator Which Works Without Any Additional Setup Or Root Access. In Order Words, You Can Convert Your Phone Into A Linux Machine For Using Linux Based Application.

How To Install Kali Linux In Android Phone Using Termux 


  • An Android Phone With Android Version Above 5.
  • A Stable Internet Connection.
  • Minimum 4GB Internal Storage.

So Let Us Start. Follow The Given Steps One By One To Install Kali Linux On Your Android Properly.

Step 1: First Of All Go To The Play Store And Install Termux App And Following Commands One By One:

Note : All Letters Are Case Sensitive

  • pkg update && pkg upgrade

  • pkg install python

  • pkg install git -y

Step 2: Now We Need To Download The Following Termux Script From GitHub In The Directory Of Our Device. To Do This, We Need To Enter The Following Command In Termux App:

  • git clone https://github.com/Hax4us/Nethunter-In-Termux.git

Step 3: After Downloading This Script. We Will Move In The Kali Directory For That We Will Use The Following Command. 

  • cd Nethunter-In-Termux

Step 4: Now We Have Been Moved To The Kali Directory Now To Make The Script Executable We Will Use The Following Command.

  • chmod +x kalinethunter

Step 5: Once The Permission Is Granted Type The Following Command To Start Installing Kali Linux In Android:

  • ./kalinethunter

Step  6: The Script Will Start Installing And Will Ask You For Your Android Device Architecture. Most Of The Recent Devices Are 64bit Architecture Devices. If You Have A Very Old Device Running Android 5 Or Below Then Go For 32bit.

Now To Start Kali Net Hunter Type The Following Command

  • ./startkali.sh 

After Entering The Command Above, If You Can See The root@localhost In Red Then Kali Has Successfully Installed In Your Android Other Wise You Have Encountered Any Error. 

Now You Can Use The Command apt-get-install Command To Install Your Favourite Kali Linux Tools In Termux Without Any Issue.

Hope You Have Enjoyed It. For Any Queries Tell Me In The Comment Box.

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